Congratulations to the latest gorgeous lady to land a Hollywood heartthrob. Khatira Rafiqzada (photos below) is the woman who after four years of dating has finally become Michael Ealy’s wife who will be known forever more as Khatira Ealy.

Photo: Khatira Rafiqzada

You know him as the hunky actor on Common Law and The Good Wife, and as a Golden Globe nominee for his role in on Sleeper Cell, a one-hour weekly drama that aired on the Showtime network. After starting as a Broadway stage actor, his natural talents for acting were easily transgressed to television and big screen movies.

Until now his love interests have been kept well under wraps as the star hates putting his private life before the public eye. In music videos he has appeared as the sexy lover of Mariah Carey (Get Your Number) and Beyoncé Knowles (Halo), but in real life he has been faithfully bedding the beautiful Khatira. So enough about him. We all want to know about his hot new wife!

Biography: Khatira Rafiqzada is 31 years old currently living in Los Angeles. That is where the couple were married in October 2012, but the news is just becoming public now, two months later.

Khatira Ealy in an aspiring actress in her own right but her credits so far are as minimum as they can possibly be. Khatira played the small part of Miss Garrett in a 2010 thriller movie called Chain Letter. We have been unable to find more acting credits for her but that just means she has been unlucky so far in Hollywood.

She may be originally from New York as her name appears in a restaurant review when she worked as a manager there. She also spent some time in South Dakota as her name is listed on an entry form for a 10K run here.

The couple enjoy their private life so much that we cannot locate a Facebook page or Twitter account for Ms. Rafiqzada. Normally such things can be found by tracing the actor’s accounts, but he isn’t following her. How mean to us, his faithful fans!

Now tell us, dear readers, your thoughts about Michael Ealy’s wife. Are you sorry he is off the market, or happy for Khatira Rafiqzada that she found the kind of famous man you have been always dreaming about but probably never found. Just kidding!

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