Barbara Bush’s boyfriend Miky Fabrega is a graffiti artist, who the former daughter is quite smitten with. The public is getting their first look at the couple as photos of the two of them have hit the Net.

Miky Fabrega Photo

The Daily Mail has released pictures of Barbara and Miky and they make a very cute couple. However they are not a new couple. Nope 31 year old Bush and 37-year old Fabrega have actually been dating for two years but quietly. Why all the secrecy, well as it turns out the graffiti artist has been a very outspoken critic of her family for years. Wow I bet that makes for quite the interesting family gatherings huh. Whether he likes or doesn’t like her family doesn’t seem to matter to either one of them because as you can see from the photos the couple appears very happy together.

It is because of Miky that the world is getting to see some intimate pictures of himself and his girlfriend, he posted them on his Facebook page. That being said who the heck is this guy that seems to have captured Bush’s heart. He is a Panama born artist who apparently has been known to talk about how he likes to paint in his underwear, interesting. In a recent interview with PMC magazine Miky shared that along with his artistic talents he is also a writer, creative director and a socially aware business man. He has a number of projects that he works on that allows him to no only use his art but his brain too. Oh and he admitted that he loves the smell of his girlfriend’s neck, oh how sweet.

Miky has had exhibits at The Central American Biennial (El Salvador), The Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador), and The Valencia Biennial (Venezuela). Although he studied marketing and advertising in college art has always been his passion. He has said before that art cannot be taught and I am inclined to agree with him.

As I said above he has been very critical of Barbara’s family, he has some serious left wing views that is for sure. In fact when Barbara’s dad was in the White House Fabrega’s art de­picted him in a highly unflattering light, cartoonish and buffoonish is how it was described. The artist also criticized George Bush back in 2007 “for giving power to General Noriega, then taking Noriega out and ‘killing thousands more in the process.” He certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind that is for sure.

Barbara Bush’s boyfriend Miky Fabrega may have posted photos of the two of them in intimate settings online but that doesn’t mean that details of their relationship are being revealed. There is at this time very little known about the couple, including whether or not the two are living together in NYC. She currently resides there but he supposedly splits his time between the Big Apple and La La Land, otherwise known as Los Angeles.

What do you think of Miky and his relationship with former first daughter Barbara Bush?