The Brandi Passante sex tape video is a fake according to a lawsuit filed by the Storage Wars star. It looks like someone in the porn industry published doctored photos of Brandi and she is fighting back.

Brandi Passante Photo

Passante is the wife of storage locker buyer Jared, who also appears on the hit A&E reality TV show and she is taking website operator Hunter Moore to court. The lawsuit was filed in California and basically says that Moore, who is the website creator of the porn site Anyone Up, published fake photos of her in erotic situations. Side note here can we say very interesting name for a website and fitting too I might add. Sorry I couldn’t resist commenting on the irony of it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, allegedly the video gave viewers a nasty virus to their computers, which Brandi also talks about in the papers. See Hunter put the illegal and fake pics on the website Fleshbot.com, however when people went to download them their computers got a virus. Just another layer to all this drama.

The blonde beauty claims that the website creator is capitalizing on her name and success from being on the hit reality TV show by selling merchandise he claims she is in. Passsante’s lawsuit accuses Moore of false designation of origin, dilution by tarnishment, defamation, commercial disparagement, commercial fraud and other offenses. She is seeking all available damages, plus attorney’s fees, and a judgment to impound and destroy and computers, servers or other equipment owned by Moore that contains the pictures and videos. I don’t really know what all available damages means but my guess she is going for some serious cash. In the papers the reality TV star says she has suffered form experienced anxiety, loss of sleep and physical illness since she found out about the video. Plus she thinks it is damaging to her professional career. That is interesting because usually a sex tape helps a career not hurt it, just sayin. Last Friday a judge did order Hunter to take down all images and video of what is suppose to be her.

Thanks to a lawsuit is is now known that what people thought was a Brandi Passante sex tape video is actually a fake. In fact she says in the court docs that she discovered that the doctored pics of her were being used by the website because of Twitter. You gotta love social media right, you can find out anything thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Anyway she got a Tweet from the Anyone Up account saying how much they liked the pics of her. Obviously she had no idea was going on and after further investigation discovered the inappropriate images.

There you have it Brandi is not willing to take it all off for the world to see, just her husband apparently. What are your thoughts on her lawsuit? Make sure to take a look at the below gallery of photos and video of Brandi from Storage Wars.

Update: Brandi isn’t backing down. She refiled her suit in California last week so you can read the latest volley here.