She has made appearances on the hit Bravo show in the past but the rumor mill is buzzing that Kim DePaola is becoming a full time cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. That could be bad news for Melissa Gorga considering Kim, as you will be able to see from the below photos, is on team Teresa!

Kim DePaola Photo

Many media outlets are reporting that DePaola will become a regular on the upcoming season of RHONJ. If the blonde beauty does join the show there is no doubt that she will bring the drama. In fact things could get pretty darn ugly for Melissa because Kim is pals with Teresa. Oh wait I see why she is being brought on board, to give Giudice a pal and perhaps a partner in crime, just a thought. According to The National Enquirer, I know not the most reliable source, the powers that be at Bravo know that Kim will bring the drama, which means ratings which means cash.

Those of you who have seen the show know that DePaola is the owner of a clothing boutique called Porsche. It sells high end clothing, hand bags, shoes and jewelry for wealthy women in Wayne, New Jersey. You can check out her store via the website right here. It looks pretty cool but is certainly for those with money. Along with the store or boutique as it is called, Kim also puts on fashions shows for the wealthy women of New Jersey.

Although she has a Twitter account that she appears to use frequently there isn’t a whole lot out there about Kim, other than her possibly being on the hit reality TV show. She does have a Facebook page as well but again not very much personal information about her. What is knows is what you see on TV and that is she speaks her mind for sure. Kim is not afraid to speak her mind and act anyway she wants, just like all the other ladies on that show in my opinion.

I personally don’t watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey but something tells me by all the rumors floating about that if Kim DePaola joins the show there is going to be trouble! Perhaps once she becomes a cast member we will get to know a little bit more about her personal life. If you have any additional information regarding Kim please feel free to share it with me. Also for those of you who are loyal fans of the show, not me sorry only catch it every once in awhile, what are you thoughts on DePaola joining the show? Do you think she will be a good or bad addition. For those of you who haven’t seen Kim in her reality TV world be sure to check out the below video, there are some gallery photos too.