Here we have another story of a cute woman comingling with teenage boys according to authorities who seem to make these situations into far worse than the circumstances warrant. Courtney Sue Reschke (photos below) is the Idaho woman accused of having sex with underage boys.

Photo: Courtney Reschke

If the allegations are true against her, we have to ask if these sorts of relationships should be a priority with law enforcement. There is a double-standard in society about men and women, teenage boys and girls. But — should there be — is a question for you, dear readers.

It is wired into our DNA for men to pursue women. Teenage boys pursue their biological programming, which is why bragging about conquests is the norm. When the tables are turned and it is an older man in a relationship with an underage girl, society rightly condemns but there is no real difference under our laws.

Biography: Courtney Reschke is a hot 35-year old single mom currently living in Kuna, Idaho. She has two seemingly happy and well-adjusted children. Judging by all the attention she lavishes on them in her Facebook page, she is a good mom. The kids have supportive grandparents as well who are quite involved in the raising of the children.

She writes ” Thank goodness for my kids…my family…and friends. You are all the best!! I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to find myself as things change around me and be the best mom I can to my beautiful children.”

Courtney is originally a California girl, having graduated high school in 1996 in Chino, California. From there she attended cosmetology school in Missouri and later an air academy in Washington State. She is currently employed full time in a local company in Meridian, Idaho.

Courtney Reschke has a Facebook page here which is quite informative about her life story, and a seldom used Twitter page here which is far less so. You can read more about her predicament here.

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