Our hearts go out to Jenni Rivera’s children, her ex-husbands and family as they struggle with the grief of loosing the popular Mexican songstress. The manly loves of her life and five kids are grieving now, not as fans like you and I but as family members who have lost a cherished loved one in the prime of her life. You can see all of their photos in the picture gallery below.

Photo: Jenni Rivera with 3rd Husband, Esteban Loaiza

You all know already that the Latin American diva perished in a planed crash in Mexico along with two pilots and her most trusted inner circle. What you may not know is that Jenni had a huge family, including kids with multiple husbands ranging in ages from adult to adolescent. This article is dedicated to those who survive her, and those who knew her best.

Jenni Rivera’s first husband was José Trinidad Marín. With him she had three adoring children, including her first born daughter who is now a model. Janney Marín Rivera, better known as “Chiquis” Rivera (photos below), was born in 1985 so she celebrated her 27th birthday earlier this year. You can find her Twitter page here where she has thus far not commented on the news.

Four years later a second daughter was born named Jacqueline Marín Rivera. She is a mommy herself with a handsome husband and newborn baby daughter named Jaylah, so Jacquie can take some solace in the fact that Jenni lived to see her first grandchild. She is now 23 years old, while Jenni’s first son is now 21 years old. His name is Michael Marín Rivera who entered this world in 1991. You can see Michael’s mugshot photo below below in the gallery. Two years ago at the age of 19 he was reportedly arrested for having sex with a minor girlfriend.

Unfortunately the marriage did not last to eternity as was her dream, nor was the man of her dreams the person she thought. Jose Trinidad Marin (photo below) was convicted of repeatedly molesting Chiquis from the time that she was 12 years old. He was sentenced to 30-years in prison in a story that you can read here.

Jenni married her second husband, Juan López, in 1997. Photos of him are rare but you can find one in the gallery. The new love match produced two more children. Jenni’s third daughter was born in 1997. Jenicka López Rivera (photos below) is now just 15 years old, while her younger brother, Johnny López Rivera is eleven years old. He is the last of Jenni’s five children and the second boy, the baby of the family.

You can find Jenicka López Rivera’s Twitter page here. The social media page for Johnny López Rivera is here. So far he is the only family member we have found who has commented on the tragedy, saying the most beautiful words imaginable. “I love u Mama. Please take care of my daddy up in heaven.”

Juan López tragically died two years after her second divorce, when baby Johnny Lopez was just three years old. More recently, Jenni Rivera married a sports star, pitcher Esteban Loaiza of the Chicago White Sox. The coupling of a famous international musician and American baseball star increased her fame in the United States and she became more popular forever. But like her first two marriages, this one was not destined to last forever either. The couple had filed for divorce this year and were awaiting final court documents to make it official.

May her soul rest in peace. All comments welcome from Jenni Rivera’s family, children, friends, and those who knew her best.

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