Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend Sarah Savage was by his side when he received the coveted award. The Texas A&M player doesn’t have a string of ladies, nope he is a one woman guy and it is only Sarah that he has eyes for now.

Sarah Savage Photo

Although at one time hottie Johnny could be seen with a different sexy lady, especially in pictures, it would seem those days are over. Thanks to the below Tweet sent out by the quarterback makes it pretty darn clear that he is in love with Sarah.

“Love my girlfriend @SASssavage and my best friend”

That is a super sweet Tweet and declaration of love I might add. Like her now famous beau Savage is also on Twitter but her account is private. That means that unless she wants you to have access to see her Tweets you are SOL. I don’t know if that is a new thing since her new found fame but you can still see Johnny’s Tweets, which is still cool.

As you can see from the photos of Sarah is beautiful but other than that she is good looking what do we know about the woman who has stolen Manziel’s heart? Well according to her LinkedIn profile she is a senior at Texas A&M and is majoring in marketing. Sarah is not all looks either, she is very smart too. In fact she earned a four year scholarship to Texas A&M through the Houston based Terry Foundation, which awards full ride scholarship to a select number of outstanding Texas high-school students. It is very selective and only goes to those who the foundation feels have a certain potential. Savage will graduate in May and hopes to land a job in broadcast journalism, marketing, public relations or advertising.

When she is not studying hard Sarah dabbles a little bit in modeling. The Texas born brunette beauty obviously as the looks for it. She was represented by the Avant agency for 5 years but in the past year she switched to the Julie Freeman Agency.

Sarah Savage may be Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend but she is a lot more than just arm candy. She has brains and beauty too. Savage appears to be a very private person though because there is really not a lot of info out there about her, besides her LinkedIn stuff but that is really just professional deats. To each their own right. They make a very very good looking couple that is for sure.

If you have any other information on Sarah or just want to share your thoughts about her and Johnny please feel free to share them. Also make sure you check out the below photo gallery and the video as well.

Update: Rumors are swirling that Sarah Savage has split with her QB man, mainly due to a mysterious photo that was posted by her dad on Twitter which refers to her as Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend. You can see the visual evidence here.