Monica Sexxxton and her mother Jessica Sexxxton have a family business but it isn’t your typical family business. Nope the mother-daughter duo do porn together.

Jessica Sexxxton left, Monica Sexxxton right

I know that some families are close but the Sexxxton’s take it to a whole new level. The Huffington Post was the first to break the story about Jessica, the mother and Monica, the daughter, who decided to go into the adult film industry together. Apparently both ladies are hoping that the industry and their acts on camera together will make them filthy rich. The ladies admitted to filming three-somes together but before you get grossed out, or even more grossed out I guess, it is not incest. Despite you know getting down and dirty with the same guy and sometimes lady, the women never touch each other. I suppose that should make me feel better but I am still thoroughly disgusted right now.

The family, whose last name is obviously not Sexxxton, is keeping their real last names a secret. So if they won’t reveal their real last name, why would the mother and daughter team decide to go into the XXX film business together? Well according to the Huffington Post the Tampa, Florida based family was about to loose their home so Monica suggested she and her mom get into the biz. At the time Monica was already an exotic dancer.

The brunette beauty had this to say about the industry and being it with her mom.

“I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom.During the scenes I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich.”

As for Jessica well here are her comments on the subject.

“The money was part of the reason, but so was fun, and having sex with hot guys.”

Ok so clearly both of these ladies like to have sex we get that. But really to do it with your mom right next you, gross. I know to each their own but seriously.

Although Jessica Sexxxton and Monica Sexxxton both admit to being in the porn industry together they are not the cream of the crop in the adult film industry, so to speak. Despite in the past few years filming what is called B-rated porn, you know the less quality stuff I guess, for websites and having released their own DVD the mother-daughter duo have yet to break into the Hollywood Adult Film industry. By that I mean well the real XXX industry that produces videos like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The family business could be expanding Monica revealed her younger brother is looking to join in the family business. Oh lord please tell me the three of are going to do it together.

I have already expressed my thoughts about these two and look it is no personal attack on them. They like sex great, be a slut, do porn whatever but really to do it together, yuck. I could go on and on about this but I won’t instead I want to hear what you have to say about this rather interesting topic and family. Feel free to check out the below interview with Jessica and Monica. Obviously they talk about porn so it is not suitable for everyone.