Do you remember all the hoopla that was surrounding Lindsay Lohan a week ago? Not that ruckus about stolen merchandise, but the one about her acting career? A press conference was held in promotion of an upcoming biopic called Gotti: Three Generations, and Ms. Lohan ended up making a surprise appearance!

Lohan rubbed elbows with Victoria Gotti, daughter of the legendary mob boss John Gotti at the conference, which fueled rumors that she would play her in the film. Reports suggested that Lohan was in early talks and a likely candidate to co-star. Fast-forward to today, and everyone’s singing a different tune. Lohan has dropped out of negotiations and no longer attached to Gotti.

If you’re wondering what caused the actress to sever ties with the production Gotti producer Marc Fiore refuses to go into detail. He released an official statement regarding Lohan’s exit saying, “She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people [for the role].” We wonder what happened during this short period of time that would cause them to move on to someone else?

Lohan isn’t the first person to leave the movie, director Nick Cassevetes jumped ship yesterday due to scheduling conflicts. The producers are currently on the lookout for someone to take his place. A dark cloud seems to be covering the Gotti production. The one good thing that the film has going for it is its headliner — John Travolta. Travolta will play the infamous crime boss in the drama, which he’s hoping will boost his career.

A lot of Lohan’s fans were hoping this would be her big Hollywood comeback. She was previously cast in another biopic called Inferno, which chronicled the troubled life of adult film star Linda Lovelace. She ended up losing that role due to her ongoing court proceedings. Who will replace Lindsay Lohan as the new Victoria Gotti?