Claudia Charriez is a Transsexual model, who up until yesterday many only knew as the model who was kicked off America’s Next Top Model for being born a man. Sadly another story about Charriez is making news and it involves a horrible night of torment at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

By looking at photos of Claudia you would never know that she was the victim of domestic violence. Her story unfolded yesterday in court as the trial for her ex-boyfriend Taylor Murphy began and the sordid details of their very volatile relationship came to light. Opening statements of Morphy’s trial, where he is facing charges of felony strangulation and felony violation of an order of protection barring him from contacting his alleged victim, set the stage for what will no doubt be an intense trial. According to statements made in court Taylor, who is a New York Fire Fighter, punched and bit Charriez, spit at her and pinned her down beating her until she was barely conscious. The trial will soon become a battle of he said she said as the defense attorney has already tried to discredit Claudia by saying she was a hooker who ended up with an STD, which is what set her former boyfriend off on that awful night.

According to her Facebook page she went to the famous Laguardia High-school in New York City before pursuing her modeling career. She has that she went to college at IVC but when I looked it up it was actually a company not a school, so maybe Charriez considers that her college who knows. Along with her FB page Claudia also has a website that gives a lot off info about her, such as that she also appeared on the oh so bad reality TV show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. The 24-year old has been chasing the dream of being a model since she was 14-years old. She has gained recognition for her looks but also for being a Transsexual model.

It appears she has had a little bit of success in her career but now unfortunately it is her personal life instead of her professional life that is gaining her fame. Only one day of the trial has happened and already the dirt and mud have started slinging about the model. Taylor’s lawyer claims that the fight on the night in question occurred because he, who is a bisexual man himself, was pleading with his girlfriend to quit prostitution. It was that same night that he learned that Charriez discovered she had a venereal disease.

That night was not the only night that Claudia Charriez and Taylor Murphy got into a major heated fight during their relationship. Lawyers for the prosecution claim the two had a big blowout after being at a strip club together that resulted in them fighting in the street yelling various expletives at each other. Although that time they cooled down and ended up talking before anyone got seriously hurt was apparently a lead in to what was to come.

This is one heck of a case so let me know what you think about it and Claudia? Be sure to check out the below gallery photos as well as the video.