He may be retired from baseball but he is clearly not retired from the dating scene. Taylor Higgins (photos below) is one of the luckiest baseball WAGs alive as Chipper Jones’ girlfriend. You may know her naughty side as Lexi Ray, Playboy cam girl who has posed for nude photos on countless occasions for the academic interest of intellectual men everywhere.

Photo: Lexi Ray (Taylor Higgins) on right

As usual this new relationship was busted open by a blog specializing in the dating habits of professional athletes and ex-jocks who we are all interested in. Clearly Chipper’s love life has been of interest to all sports fans who like the juicy torrid details. His first two marriages fell apart after cheating scandals with, as we can best recall, Hooters waitresses and other women coveted by men for all of the best qualities below the neck.

Biography: Lexi Ray was indeed born Taylor Higgins and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. According to her official Playboy profile, she is originally from San Diego. Ah yes, the sun and fun of southern California just seems appropriate for this bronzed beauty. She has a fabulous body weighing only 105 pounds and standing a peewee 5’3″ tall. Lexi’s measurements are 34C-25-35.

As you can imagine Lexi Ray nude photos are in hot demand as we all want to see what Chipper sees in bed each night. Alas we are a high-quality family site so look them up yourself or follow the links below to a more blissful existence. You can see a Lexi Ray Playboy video below for your amusement, however it is just a wild Playboy house party on YouTube and therefore quite safe for work.

You can read about their relationship here. Apparently Lexi aka Taylor Higgins has decided a life in the limelight is no longer her cup of tea. Her Twitter page was recently deactivated but you can find a cached copy here. Her Facebook page was facebook.com/LexiRayTaylor but that seems to be gone as well. Alas!

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