Okay this is a complicated one. You may already know about the ugly situation going on between Ariel Winter and her mother. Well it turns out that this mom of the year could also be up to no good with her other daughter. The Shanelle Gray nude photos controversy allegedly began with dear old mom, who is not making any real fans at this point.

For a quick recap we have to rewind several weeks. News hit that one of the stars of Modern Family, Ariel Winter, was removed from her home amid allegations of abuse by her mother. Shortly thereafter, Winter would be placed with her sister Shanelle (who sometimes goes by Shanelle Workman). The 14-year-old is currently in the custody of her big sis.

From there it got decidedly uglier. Mom started digging herself in deeper and acting a little bizarre — even claiming at one point that Shanelle was in it for the money.

Fast forward to this week. Now we have a story coming directly from a publicist that this stage mom gone wild has been trying desperately to leak nude photos of her daughter. A guy named Jonathan Hay apparently told TMZ that she has been bugging him all week to leak the photos. He immediately called the legal team involved in the case and let them know what was going on.

He may end up going on the record about the matter, but there is no telling whether or not it will be important.

Either way, it’s clear what the mother was allegedly trying to do. Somehow she thinks that releasing the pics would make the sister look bad. You know, the one who has custody of her money making younger daughter.

Anyway, it obviously didn’t work — if it happened at all — and now the mother only looks crazier.

As for Shanelle Gray, nude photos or not, she will continue to have custody of Ariel while this thing is sorted out. So sad.

Your thoughts?

Pictures: PR Photos