If you don’t hear the Peanuts piano music playing in your head as you read this you aren’t American. The creator of the most beloved cartoon in the history of the United States apparently has an old mistress who is out to make some cash. Her name? Tracey Claudius.

Katie Leeman, daughter of the alleged mistress is behind the sale

The story goes that a married Shulz had an affair this Tracey, and she was lucky enough to have received a bunch of letters and Snoopy drawings from the man himself.

Sounds like something you would keep privately and cherish forever, right? Not in the eyes of this woman and her daughter, who are seeking to make hundreds of thousands of dollars auctioning it off.

According to reports this week, Shulz children are outraged.

Monte Schulz, Jill Schulz-Transki, Meredith Hodges, Amy Johnson and Craig Schulz are apparently going to make an attempt to block the sales altogether. The one who seems the most miffed is Amy, who has made it her full time job to keep her father’s name clean after a particularly nasty biographer made him look bad.

Just listen to Amy’s comments on the issue:

“Of course it’s (the auction) not in good taste. People do a lot of terrible things and I guess that’s going to be one of them. It shows the lack of character of a person…I don’t think it’s the right thing to do, especially at her age. I would be embarrassed to do something like this – it shows that didn’t really grow up or mature. $350,000 is a lot of money and whoever buys (the letters) would be in bad taste too.”

Hmmm. Does someone have sour grapes that their hero of a father was less perfect than they thought? Or is she really concerned with the fact that his name could be slandered even more. Either way, I think it’s hard to say that someone didn’t mature simply because they are trying to make a buck off of some old drawings and letters they received from a married man. After all, the woman receiving them wasn’t married, was she?

Anyway, the mistress’ daughter is supposedly the one who found all of the stuff about Tracey Claudius and is the driving force behind it. So much for privacy I guess, right?