The Nature Boy may need to come out of retirement to pay the bills of a certain sweet someone in his life. Jacqueline Fliehr (photos below) is the latest in a long string of wives to file for divorce from the former wrestling champion. Ric Flair’s wife, the former Jackie Beems, does not appear to be going away quietly either, not should she.

Photo: Jacqueline Fliehr (right)

The legal documents filed in North Carolina contain some beautiful imagery. In addition to citing “acts of illicit sexual behavior,” Jackie claims that her naughty husband had “numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties’ marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife.” And she claims that he owes her a ton of money, honey.

Biography: Jacqueline Fliehr was born Jackie Beems. She is the wife of Richard Morgan Fliehr, otherwise known as Ric Flair to millions of pro wrestling fans. The reside in Charlotte North Carolina, although they are current living separately and forever more. Her full name is Jacqueline Baines Beems. Jackie’s Facebook page is apparently here although there is not much to see there so we can save you the trip.

The couple married on November 11, 2009, just one year after his divorce proceedings began with 3rd wife Tiffany VanDemark. Her temper has been documented by law enforcement stemming from an arrest for assault against Flair in 2010. If what she is saying in the divorce papers is true, one wonders if she should not have received a medal for judicious restraint.

Which may be why this past June the poor man reportedly filed a police report once again that his wife had assaulted him in a condominium they own near a shopping mall. There were no arrests made by police so who knows what really happened that time.

You can read details about this story from our friends at Busted Coverage here and the crack reporting of TMZ right here. Suffice to say this story will probably not go away quickly unless he forks over his net worth, which apparently isn’t enough to catch up on old business.

Which is all to say that we hope the actions of Ric Flair’s wife will force him back into the ring for another shot at professional wrestling glory. Jacqueline Fliehr is sending over some bills, and it looks like hubby may need some help paying them.

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