It is Tuesday and that means brand new episodes of Parenthood and Go On, sweet. Both shows are awesome and must see TV for the night, which is why you can see a couple of sneak peek videos right here. They are fantastic and will get you in the mood for the both shows for sure.

Big things are happening on NBC tonight with Parenthood and Go On. One show will have a big holiday blowout and the other one, well lets just say decisions are made and the consequences are dire. I am not it is not too hard to figure out which show is going to bring the fun and which will bring the drama but none the less lets check out those sneak peek videos shall we.

Mathew Perry has another hit on his hands with the NBC comedy Go On. It is freaking hysterical and he is in prime form once again. Tonight’s show brings out the big guns to celebrate the holidays, as well as the end of the world blowout. No you did not read that last part incorrectly fans are invited to the Go On Holiday/End-of-the-World Party at 8PM EST. I could give you all the deats about the partay but I think the below video clip says it best so check it out.

That looks interesting to say the least doesn’t it. I don’t know about you but I am super intrigued by that preview.

At 10PM tonight be sure to tune in for what will no doubt be another amazing and moving episode of Parenthood. There are two big stories unfolding tonight. One has to do with the fate of The Luncheonette, could it be that the historic landmark and Crosby and Adams business will be no more? Plus Sarah makes a decision or rather a couple of decisions that could cost her Mark. Will this be the end of them? I don’t know but the below sneak peek will give a little preview of what fans can expect.

Ok so it doesn’t really tell you anything that is going on with The Luncheonette, which means it must be really good but it does let us fans know there is trouble brewing for Sarah.

Now that you have seen the sneak peek videos for Go On and Parenthood be sure to tune in to all the fun and drama tonight’s beginning at 8PM EST. Then make sure you come back here to share your thoughts with me about each show, woot woot.

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