Nikki Bella photos are a big item this week after it was revealed that the former WWE Diva could be John Cena’s official rebound chick. People must be wondering what the next gal in his life looks like.

In case you haven’t be following the story, he just finalized his divorce a few months back — and he isn’t wasting any time! These days divorcing after a few years has become par for the course. The divorce rate is climbing along with unemployment I guess.

Either way, Cena is rumored to be hooking up a former Diva that actually worked alognside her twin sister for the WWE. Both could be seen competing up until about six months ago, when they left the organization.

Meanwhile Cena was starting to go through a bitter divorce that involved allegations of infidelity on behalf of the pro-wrestler himself. His wife told reporters that she suspected he was cheating around the time of the divorce. Back then, it came in a flash: Cena suddenly filed documents that blindsided his ex. She started arguing over money, and from there it became a train wreck.

Fast forward several months and you might not even suspect anything like that happened to the man, who could be seen getting pretty handsy with Nikki.

Get this, she invited him to her high school reunion, along with her twin sister and another pro-wrestler. That’s where all of the action was taking place.

Can you imagine that? Most people are too insecure to go back to their high school reunions. Either they have become bald, fat, and ugly, or they are too ashamed of how broke they are. This girl managed to bring a hulking pro-wrestler along with her. That’ll show those mean girls from back in the day!

Now we have to mention that no one is sure that they are together. It could have just been a fun date. Maybe she just wanted to show him off, but either way, they seemed into it. TMZ wrote that they were freak-dancing with each other at the event, which took place in Arizona.

Do you think they are an item, or just a flash in the pan?

Check out some additional Nikki Bella photos and video below.