By now we all know the story of Lindsay Lohan arrested again for fighting in a New York bar. Tiffany Eve Mitchell (photo below) is the name of the victim who was attacked according to online sources. Note that she is not the Florida psychic of the same name, although that would make for a fun story.

Photo: Tiffany Eve Mitchell

Details are still sketchy at this point, but what we know is that the celebrity debutante was arrested and charged with assault on this woman. The incident occurred in a Manhattan bar named Club Avenue, which caters to an upscale crowd of social butterflies and barflies galore.

Apparently around 4am, in the wee hours of the morning, the starlet got into a verbal altercation with Tiffany although conflicting reasons have been given for it. In one version published on TMZ, the two women were competitively flirting with rocker Max from The Wanted, a band Lindsay had seen earlier in the evening as a warm up band to Justin Bieber. In another version published by Radar Online, Tiffany had simply asked for her autograph which sent the starlet into a drunken and cocaine-fueled tizzy fit. In yes a third version of events, they had merely bumped accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) on the dance floor.

For whatever reason you want to believe, there is no denying that a physical altercation of some kind late ensued that appears to be quite one sided. Lindsay appears to have just whacked her upside the head out of the blue, something referred to as “cold cocking” by those versed in fighting terminology. Note that we at Right Entertainment are peace-loving people.

Biography: Tiffany Eve Mitchell is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, visiting New York for the good times that more fortunate people often find there. She is 28 years old and a cute blond who is entitled to have a much better time. We believe that she is married as a man identifying himself as Tiffany’s husband gave a statement to a local newspaper which was quoted as “Lindsay Lohan got drunk and went crazy. She hit my wife.”

We believe that she is a different Tiffany Mitchell who is a psychic in West Palm Beach, Florida. The ages of both women do not quite match up assuming that the reporting is accurate on this story, and her middle name is “Ava.” She is also different from the Tiffany Michell who was arrested in Florida last month. They are the same age, but well, the other girl is black. So if you know more about our girl, please help our readers in the comments with publicly available information, or write the editors of Right Entertainment. Learning more about her through social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter) would be nice, as we would dearly like to interview her.

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Remember that nothing has been proven in court yet, so we’ll take things with a grain of salt. However, one thing for sure is that nobody can be surprised at these new allegations. The actress has been in trouble with the law for numerous similar incidents in the past. Perhaps it is time for her to cool off before someone (like herself) gets seriously hurt.

Tiffany Eve Mitchell is just the latest (alleged) victim of a starlet who continues to spiral out of control. Get things under control LiLo!

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