In case you haven’t heard the original Lifetime movie Liz & Dick premieres tonight. There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding this movie, which is why fans will get the chance to chat live during the premiere.

At 9PM EST Lifetime debuts Liz & Dick the highly anticipated made for TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Their relationship was a turbulent but loving one to say the very least. Lifetime wants you to chat live on Twitter during the premiere by simply following @lifetimetv and using the hastag #LizAndDick!.

The fact that the movie is about Liz and Dick will certainly have people tuning in but it is also the fact that Lindsay Lohan is playing the iconic Hollywood star gives viewers another reason to tune in. I personally have my reservations about just how well Lilo will do playing Elizabeth Taylor but I am going to go in with an open mind because to be honest the previews look pretty darn good. All of that being said if you are on Twitter than you should not only follow Lifetime to chat live during the made for TV movie but you should also follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter as well, @lindsaylohan. I admit I don’t follow the troubled starlet but I sure will be tonight during the premiere.

Afte months of anticipation the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick will finally premiere. There is a lot of hype around this made for TV movie which is why the network is giving viewers a chance to chat live during the premiere, via Twitter of course. Again all you have to do is follow @lifetimetv with the hastag #LizAndDick!. You can check out a behind the scenes with video with Lohan.

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