Former model Alana Hamilton Stewart, also sometimes known as Rod Stewart’s wife or ex-wife rather, is revealing a very personal and private ordeal that happened to her as a teenager. It is a dark secret that she has harbored for years.

When she was only 18 years old Alana was attacked and raped at knifepoint in her own home. In her new memoir Rearview Mirror the blonde beauty recounts what happened all those years ago in her Nacogdoches Texas home. She was actually born and raised in the Texas town that now hold this awful memory for her. Not long after the rape took place Stewart left for New York City, where her modeling career began to flourish. As her career took off the model buried the painful memory of the rape. Alana recently gave this statement to FOX News regarding her ordeal.

‘It was so shameful I never told anyone until years later. Back in those days, when the Texas police came, they made me feel like I had done something wrong that I had let this person in or I had known them. It was so painful that I just stuffed it down, but it was a transformational moment for me because it is what gave me the real push just to get out of Texas and move to New York and start a new life. I had wanted to get away from my mother and her drug addiction, so when that happened it was the final straw.”

Although she was harboring this secret that she never dealt with Alana managed to make a name for herslef in Hollywood and not just because of her choice in famous men. She was married to George Hamilton from 1972-1975 and they had one son together, Ashley Hamilton. Soon after that marriage broke up the pretty blonde found love again with rocker Rod Stewart, with whom she was married to from 1979-1984. They had two children together, Kimberly and Sean. Their marriage broke up when Rod fell in love with model Kelly Emberg. In her memoir Stewart calls the break-up of her marriage to Rod the lowest point in her life. Stewart even talks about how everything she had ever been running from in her life came back to her at that point, including the rape.

Other topics that are discussed in Alana’s memoir include her close friendship with Farah Fawcett. She was with the 70’s icon when she passed away back in 2009. Alana even opened up about what it was like to watch her good friend slowly die and what it felt like throughout Farrah’s illness. You can see a video of the model talking about her friend below.

Rod Stewart’s wife, sorry former wife, Alana Hamilton Stewart has been keeping the painful secret that she was raped at the age of 18-years old. For the first time she opens up to the public about her ordeal in her new memori. I have actually read a excerpt from the book and I highly recommend it. I know I will be reading it very soon. Be sure you check out the below gallery photos of Alana.

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