Larry Hagman’s wife Maj Axelsson lost of the love of her life yesterday when the iconic actor died. However due to a condition that affects oh so many she may not even know that the Hollywood legend has passed away.

Maj’s husband of 58 years is gone. The beloved actor passed away at 81 surrounded by longtime friends like Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, as well as his two children with Axelsson. Sadly though it is unclear if the Swedish born woman, who won his heart all those years ago with by his side. See for years now Maj has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and has required around the clock care. That care previously included the help of her husband despite his own battle with cancer.

She may have been married to the man who played one of the greatest villans on TV of all time, J.R. Ewing, but for her part Axelsson was content to stay out of the spotlight. She was a doting wife who supported Hagman’s career from the beginning. While he was out living his dream she was at home living her and raising their two children daughter Heidi Kristina and son Preston.

Larry and Maj married in 1954 and honestly there is very little that is known about their marriage and their life. What is known is that despite their hard times they were very much in love with each other. The Hagman’s did their part to shield their family and relationship from the public eye. Despite him being a huge star and him having well some demons, the couple managed to stay not only together but in love.

I wish I could tell you more about Larry Hagman’s wife Maj Axelsson or Maj Hagman, it is unclear by which name she went by. I have seen reports of her going by both names. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot out there about Maj. She is a mother, was a wife, suffers from a horrible disease and yesterday she lost the man that she had been married to for most of her life. As you look at the photos of Maj and Larry you can tell that they seemed very happy with each other.

If you have any other information regarding Maj or her marriage to Larry please feel free to share. She may not know her husband is gone but our thoughts and prayers go out to her and the rest of the Hagman family as they deal with their loss of Larry.

Photos: PR Photos