Jackie Green photos are a major item online as people clamber to take a peek at the first transgender Miss England finalist. There have been similar stories recently, but Jackie happens to be the youngest of the bunch, which makes her story even more compelling.

The rough life of a girl trapped in a boy’s body has culminated in being chosen as a finalist in a woman’s beauty contest. All in just the span of sixteen years! Now that’s what I call a self-esteem boost!

This gal Jackie Green was born as a boy. She says she felt trapped in a girl’s body her entire life, and struggled terribly with the feeling. She says she “knew from the start” that she was a girl, but couldn’t figure out what to do about it. As she grew school became harder and harder — which can be expected from someone who is anything less than mainstream.

Anyway, she also fought off suicide, and fortunately did not succeed at any of her attempts, which added up to about six. Jackie says a doctor in Boston gave her medicine to literally “pause” puberty at just sixteen years old:

“I was prescribed ‘blockers’ by a doctor in Boston when was I was 12…It basically paused puberty and it saved my life. I would have killed myself. I wouldn’t have been able to cope.”

I’m guessing this means she wouldn’t have been able to cope with becoming a man, which is understandable given how she says she felt back then. Anyway, she obviously got the surgery she needed and is now a woman:

“Without that surgery, I wouldn’t be here now…I’m a girl, I always have been – there’s never been any doubt in my mind about that. It’s just that my body didn’t match because, as far as I’m concerned, I had a birth defect.”

Usually people who go through this end up on the fringes of society, and never really find their place. This person conquered it and became a prestigious beauty queen.

I think the real heroes here are her parents, who admit to struggling with it, but obviously became supportive. How else would she have ended up all the way over in the US at just sixteen facing transgender surgery?

It saved her life, and now she feels like she found her true self. Now she’ll just have to perform in the next round if she hopes to become the next Miss England.

I’ve thrown in some Jackie Green photos below for you to check out. Your thoughts? Visit her Facebook page HERE.