Is Jay Photoglou Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend or does he just want to be the guy on the arm of the blonde beauty? Well one thing is for sure he is not her main man, nope in fact after today he can’t come with in 100 feet of The Real Housewives of Orange County star.

(Jay Photoglou Photo)

A judge today ordered that Jay, who claims to have been the boyfriend of Rossi, stay away from Gretchen for three years. She won a restraining order against the man who has been causing her problems for years and he must stay at least 100 feet away from her at all times. Plus she was awarded $500,000 in the slander lawsuit she had against him.

The saga that is Jay and Gretchen began a couple of years ago when Photoglou began teling people that he and Rossi had sex while she was engaged to her former fiance Jeff Beitzel. For her part Gretchen denies ever having been involved with Jay. Ever since he started yapping his mouth about her the two have been involved in some sort of lawsuit. She sued him for defamation, he in turn sued her basically for suing him and it has been one big court battle. Until today that is but don’t think that just because she won this round that the legal drama will end. I have a feeling these two are going to be feuding with each other forever.

Jay seems to be keeping his 15 minutes of fame by still feuding with Rossi but when he isn’t trying to play the fame game what does he do? Well there isn’t much in terms of a biography that doesn’t have to do with TRHOOC star so the answer to that is who the heck knows. As I said above their feud has gone on for a couple of years and to be completely honest their fighting has kept them both in the media spotlight.

Despite her denial that she was ever involved with Photoglou there are some photos, as you can see, of the two together. Does that mean they were an item or that they just know each other, who knows but I will say this some of those pictures they look pretty cozy, kissy face anyone.

Whether Jay Photoglou is or was Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend remains a mystery. It is a total case of he said she said. The feud between these two is nasty and has been lengthly and it kind of seems that neither one of them wants to let it go. I mean if you keep filing lawsuits against each other it kind of seems to me that you like the attention and you want to keep the fight going. That is of course just my two cents on the subject. If you have any more deats on Jay or just want to share with me your thoughts on these two please let me hear what you have to say. Be sure to check out the below photos of the Photoglou and a the video was well.