Thanks to a DNA test Ashley Horn has been confirmed as Michael Lohan’s daughter. Lindsey and her siblings have a new half sister and she is not the child of Michael and Kate Major either.

A couple of years ago the news broke that Michael could possibly be the biological child of Ashley. He in true daddy Lohan fashion denied that he was the father of the the teenager. Her mother Kristy Horn has insisted that he was the father and that her daughter was the product of Kristy and Michael’s secret affair back in 1994. At that time he was still married to Dina. This morning on syndicated talk show The Trisha Goddard Show Lohan was given the DNA proof that he has another daughter. Both Ashely and Kristy were also on the show and thee when he got the news and lets just say the reaction on all parts was made for some good talk show TV. You can see a video clip of it below. Although all of this went down on TV back in 2008 Michael’s name was added to Ashely’s birth certificate by the orders of a Montana judge.

It has been quite an interesting couple of years for Horn, who is and has been gaining media attention for who her father is and of course her famous train wreck of a half-sister as well. However that may not be such a bad thing for the young girl who is trying to become the next pop star. That is right it looks like she got the Lohan showbiz gene because at age 16 she embarked on the journey to make her dream come true. Her pop star or stage name if you will is AshleyA, interesting moniker I guess. Her debut single came out a little over a year ago and it is called “Play With The Boys”. I have never heard of it but that doesn’t mean a thing.

She may be connected to a famous family but I tell you what there is not a lot info about Horn. There is an Ashely Horne on Facebook and Twitter but that is not the girl that is now the newest addition to the crazy Lohan family. Her mom has done a good job of keeping deats about the young adult hidden. Everything out there is all about the face that Michael is her father. Pretty smart on her mothers part I would say considering the media frenzy that will no doubt be surrounding Ashely for awhile.

Ashely Horn is Michael Lohan’s daughter but don’t expect her to call him daddy. She made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the man who rejected her for years. I can’t say that I blame her. I don’t know about you but I am wondering when the introducing to her other siblings is going to happen, after all soon there will be another addition to the family. As you may or may not recall Papa Lohan’s on again off again girlfriend Kate Major is knocked up with his offspring as well. If you have any more info on Ashley please feel free to share.