From actor/director Derek Magyar comes “Flying Lessons” a drama about a woman, 25 year old “Sophie Conway” played by Maggie Grace, (“Taken”, “The Twilight Saga”) who finds herself at a turning point in her life, she returns to her small home town, where she hasn’t been to since high school, to face people from here past and a conflicted relationship with her mother, “Carolyn Conway” played by Christine Lahti. At the same time she tries to make sense of her friendship with Alzheimer’s patient “Harry Pleasant”, Hal Halbrook who in many ways mirrors the struggles that Sophie is going through trying to remember.

This is Derek Magyar’s directorial debut. He played the lead character X in “Boy Culture”, the story of a male escort, in which he narrates what takes place in his relationships with his roommates and an older, mysterious client. He graduated from the California Institute of The Arts in 2003 and has made numerous television appearances in shows such as JAG, Criminal Minds, Major Crimes and others. He is slated to star opposite Luke Evans in the horror thriller “No One Lives” which is scheduled to open in 2013.

Flying Lessons is currently available in VOD in the US and has a theatrical release date of December 7th, which is fast approaching. Derek also stars alongside Ed Harris and David Duchovny in the thriller “Phantom”.

Flying Lessons is written by first timer Thomas Kuehl and also stars Cary Elwes (“Glory”, “Robin Hood, Men In Tights”), Jonathan Tucker (“The Chainsaw Massacre”, “Six Feet Under”) and Joanna Cassidy (“Blade Runner”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”). There is no word yet on a release in the United Kingdom.

Watch a trailer for Flying Lessons below.


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