Anne Marie Rasmusson is a former Minnesota police officer who just won a massive lawsuit. Why you ask? Well, apparently she is too hot for the male officers to handle!

Anne Marie Rasmusson has just won multiple lawsuits and the entire sum just made her a millionaire. Anne, who was often referred to Bubbles for her spirited personality, apparently received regular texts and phone calls from fellow cops and sheriff’s asking her out on dates. It got to be so much of a regular occurrence, and a friend happened to mention that she looked good in her drivers license photo, that she looked into it and demanded an audit. Turns out that cops were using the database as a personal social site and had looked up her record an astonishing number of times.

Seriously! City Pages discovered that 104 officers in 18 different state agencies accessed her driver’s license record 425 times and 24 police officers in Minneapolis accessed her record 133 times, and 42 officers in St. Paul who looked her up 175 times. WTF? That is just wrong wrong wrong! the data base is only to be used for official reason, what an invasion of privacy, not to mention down right creepy!!!

The Minneapolis City Council will pay Anne Marie Rasmusson $392,000, on top of a $280,000 settlement she reached with several other cities, as well as $385,000 from the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. That is total of $1,057,000 that taxpayers will have to pay, for officers being total creeps and pervs, and Anne Marie still could sue the state as well. The officers who looked up her record were only given warning letters – not satisfactory IMO – not when the tax payers have that big of a settlement to pay out!

Anne Marie told City Pages: “There is nothing that I would say about this driver’s license photo or any of my previous ones that in any way would deserve the attention that they’ve gotten.”

Judging by the photos of Anne Marie, she is a very energetic, fun woman. She always seems to have a smile. There is also the picture of her posing in a bikini which shows that she cares about her appearance. According to reports, she was once overweight, shedding more than 70 lbs.

What do you think about Anne Marie Rasmusson’s privacy violation? And more importantly the other officer’s punishments?

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