Brooke Shields mother Teri Shields had died. The woman who was responsible for kicking off her famous daughters amazing career passed away last Wednesday in Manhattan.

A spokesperson for Brooke revealed today that Teri died last week. The elder Shields has been suffer from dementia for a very long time and it would appear her death is due to an illness related to the dementia. New of her dementia was shared by Brooke back in 2009. At this time that is all the information we have regarding her death.

She may have been known as the mother of one of Hollywood’s infamous stars but did you know that Teri herself was actually an actress and a model. That is right before she became a momager, the original momager, she did some acting of her own. Her professional accomplishments include being a producer as well. Some of you may recall that she appeared alongside Brooke in the films Endless Love, Backstreet Dreams and Wanda Nevada. Unfortunately for Teri she never quite had the acting success her daughter did.

Teri was born Maria Theresia Schmonn in Newark, New Jersey and you know what she stay a Jersey girl too. She spent most of her life living in Haworth. She lived in the same tudor mansion where she raised her only child until a few years ago when she had to go to a nursing home in the Garden State.

After meeting tennis player Francis Alexander Shields in 1964, she was a cosmetics saleswoman at the time, the two got married and baby Brooke was born a few months later. Sadly the marriage did not last very long at all, in fact Teri once shared that the marriage certificate came the same day the duo decided to divorce. A seven year age difference seems to play a part in the demise of the marriage, she was 30 he was 23.

When Brooke was 11-months old Shields took her to an audition for an Ivory Soap ad, that audition ended up launching the career of the brunette beauty. Although for many years Teri was in charge of the younger Shields career, the long ride to fame and fortune was not always smooth for the mother/daughter duo. At one point when Brooke was in her late teens or early 20’s it became clear that Teri was no longer managing the actress. But even before that there were times the relationship was rocky at best. To this day the A-list actress will not comment on her relationship with her mother despite photos of the two of them being taken. In the past Brooke alluded to having to be the caretaker of the mom as well as that the mother had some issues with alcohol.

Brooke Shields mother, Teri Shields, passed away last week. She is not only survived by her celebrity daughter but her son-in-law Chris Henchy, two grand-daughters and her sister. Here is hoping that Teri and Brooke were able to make amends before her passing. If you have any additional information on the elder Shields please feel free to share it with me. Be sure to take a look at the below video too.