Brie Lybrand is a former beauty queen and now has a channel dedicated to fashion and beauty on youtube. Her videos are always fun and upbeat, so it was shocking to fans when she posted a video titled “A Message to my rapist.”

Brie Lybrand has gone viral, her channel has now almost one million views, and her latest video posted about a week ago has nearly 100,000. But it is not the kind of thing that one would typically want to go viral for. In her latest video she accuses her father for violently raping her for nine years during her childhood. What sparked the outburst and horrifying account of the events was an email letting her know that her father subscribed to her channel. She says,

“I just got an email from You Tube saying the man that raped me for most of my life subscribed to me. The man that took my virginity, robbed me of innocence, has subscribed to me on You Tube and is watching my videos. I never got to testify in court and tell him what it feels like being tied up and chained and tortured for hours when you’re four years old by your father.”

Brie goes on a ten minute detailed rant about her alleged abuse accusing her father of not only raping her repeatedly, but also trying to kill her mother. She says she got away from him when she was 13 but never got to testify against him. How this all happened is unknown, as she still resides in the same town she was born and raised in, “Crescent City” also known as “The Big Easy,” New Orleans.

Brie attended Tulane University and graduated with a degree in Theater and History. One may think she is acting in this video rant, but it seems too real to be fake. She even calls out her father by name, Steven Bressler before showing him all of her “friends” a variety of guns.

“Let me show you my friends,’ she says before drawing an automatic pistol from a baby pink carry case. She then shows a smaller version that she carries in her purse. And finally a third, pink gun that proves is loaded by opening the barrel.

Even though I will be forever damaged because of you, you haven’t gotten the best of me… I met a wonderful man who understands, who is there when I have to cry and when I have to be upset on father’s day when I didn’t have a father. I had a monster. I had a murderer.”

This story is so horrifying, I hope that if it is true, someone sees it and can help bring her father to justice. Regardless of the validity of the facts, it is clear that this young woman needs help. This is by far the most disturbing video I have seen on youtube.

If you are interested in hearing more from Brie Lybrand, check out her Youtube channel, MyRedSolara, her Facebook is private, but you can see some pictures, and her Twitter has updates and more from her website.

Watch her “Message to my rapist” below and check out the pictures.