If you thought Heidi Montag had some big boobs when she got size F implants you haven’t seen anything yet. Let me introduce you to Lacey Wildd who has size LLL breasts, no that was not a typo and she is looking to make them bigger, wowza!

As you can tell by the photos of Lacey, whose real name is Paula Simonds, has some big knockers. They weigh a whopping 21 pounds but they are apparently not big enough for her. According to RadarOnline the mother of six has scheduled another implant surgery to get size MMM boobs! When that surgery, which will make 13 total for the Miami model, takes place she will hold the record of the largest breasts. Currently the record is held by Chelsea Charms whose boobs are 164XXX. At her current cup size Wildd has to wear an internal bra, that means it was specially made for her body and she must wear it all the time. Call me crazy but if you have to wear such a thing than perhaps your breasts are big enough.

I am actually a little speechless right mpw, why in the world does anyone need tatas that big? Well in the case of Lacey it is for her children. That is right the RadarOnline article explains that her large chest is what gets her work and that work is all for a better life for her kids. She even explains that she doesn’t care if she is plastic, which as you can see from the pictures Wildd totally looks plastic, her look pays her bills.

Other than that she has ginormous boobs what else is there to know about the woman who is going for a wold record? As I mentioned above she has children, six to be exact. She is a 44-year model from Miami, who once worked as a showgirl in her 20’s. Yes she does appear to be all about showbiz doesn’t she? In fact she even calls herself a reality TV star despite only having appeared on one show, MTV’s True Life I Have A Hot Mom. It wasn’t even a quality show or a regular series just one little episode but to each their own.

The blonde plastic mama, I can’t even call her a beauty because honestly I don’t think she is, likes to update her fans on her life via Twitter. Oh yes she is a social media sharer, despite the hater Tweets she seems to be getting. Lacey also has a website where fans can see videos and photos of her as well buy clothes from her clothing line. Wildd also has a little store section featuring different products that change all the time.

Lacey Wildd, otherwise known as Paula Simonds, has LLL size boobs but she wants them bigger. I thought Coco had some serious cleavage, she has nothing on Wildd. The health risks may not scare Lacey but they certainly scare her teenage daughter. Well the health risks and having a plastic looking mom I am sure too. I personally think that she is crazy to want size MMM boobs but that is just my two cents. I of course want to know what you think as well so be sure to check out the below photo gallery and video then let me hear what you have to say.