Brittni Colleps (sometimes spelled Brittney) is the teacher convicted of having group sex with four students. She is now back in the national spotlight, this time for an appearance on CNN. She has also appeared on 20/20 to talk about the romp, which was videotaped and distributed throughout the school.

Photos of the teacher, who is in the middle of a five year prison sentence, seem to show her reflecting back on her decision to invite a student a four of his friends to her house while her Army Specialist husband was away.

After all, This case isn’t a cut and dry situation where the teacher prayed on children.

In this naughty teacher story, we’re talking about consenting 18-year-old men. In fact, the prosecution couldn’t even seek rape charges because they were of age. The only issue is that in Texas, teachers are forbidden to have sexual relationships with students regardless of their age. That law landed her 16 counts of having inappropriate relations with a student, and earned her a pretty serious prison sentence.

But for some reason it’s her husband who seems to be showing the most emotion – even to the point of blaming himself.

It all started when she began exchanging texts with a student who was actually in her class at the time. Colleps says it all began at the end of the school year, and took place over about a month’s time. The texts started innocent, but then ended up explicit, with things like:

“Oh yeah, f*** that p****. Your c*** feels so good in my wet p****”

That’s just gross.

The story goes that she had sex with one of the young men a few times, but then he brought over some of his football team buddies. At that point, Colleps stripped down to lingerie and eventually brought them into the bedroom. Of course, it today’s world, one of the guys whipped out his phone and started shooting video.

Eventually the video landed on the principal’s desk, and the rest is now…evidence.

The issue now is trying to hold this family together. The husband wants to keep it strong for the children, and seems to be very much in love with his wife still. We’ll see if they can survive this long haul through prison.

Check out some Brittni Colleps photos below. What are your thoughts?