Allie Romney, Mitt Romney’s granddaughter has apparently officially entered her own Rich Kids Of Instagram Photos! You may have heard of the meme, which basically consists of silver-spoon kids posting photos of themselves doing things most people couldn’t possibly afford to do–and they’re all pretty young.

The most famous girl is named Annabel Schwartz, who posted some ridiculous pics of herself on five-star vacations, doing things like hangin’ in St. Tropez, flying in helicopters, and spending time in the South Of France.

This couldn’t possibly be any more poorly time for the Republican presidential candidate who is vying to unseat Obama. One of the most common criticisms of Mitt is that he’s filthy rich. In fact, he is worth at least one quarter of a BILLION. He paid a lesser percentage of income tax than many people (including myself), and is no slouch at the bank.

None of that is a problem for me, I like to see successful people in America. It’s the American dream, but this guy’s granddaughter is now smearing it in everyone face while the average person struggles just to pay rent and buy groceries.

Check out some of these Rich Kids Of Instagram Photos a la Allie Romney:

Here she is with Oscar De La Renta

A few more with the fashion designer icon

This gem shows her in a store with a shirt of her grandfather. Notice the sign in the back? On sale, $50 or less

I guess she isn’t all that bad. Most of the kids in this exclusive Instagram club post photos of themselves in import sports cars on vacation – she is simply bragging about hanging with one the most elite fashion icons on the planet. Nothing big. All in the day in the life of a powerful man’s granddaughter.

Oh, and she is only sixteen.

I’ll leave you with another one from someone who replied to one of her tweets, which seems to be in competition with her. This guy was showing off how he prepared for Hurricane Sandy: