Model Bryce Chandler Hill is allegedly Joe Simpson’s gay lover. That is right Bryce has supposedly claimed that he and Jessica’s dad have been having an affair for over year and he is dishing all about it.

RadarOnline claims to have an exclusive that aspiring model Chandler has been getting some lovin from daddy Simpson on and off for the past year. Now of course they don’t actually have Bryce revealing this pivotal information that can totally squash Joe’s denial of being gay. The celebrity website has a source to the situation so take all this with a grain of salt.

Here is the alleged dish on Simpson and Hill. The 21-year old little cutie, as you can see from the photos, met the elder Simpson through a mutual friend of Ashlee and Jessica’s, of course he did. The friend in question is TJ Espinoza, is allegedly the person who introduced Bryce to the Simpson clan and that is how the two became well more than just friends. There are no specific details being revealed about the alleged relationship only that Hill has been boasting to his friend about the affair. The two have reportedly been involved on and off for about a year. The “source” even goes on to say that the model is using Joe to climb that fame ladder. Again this is all coming from some random source nothing has been confirmed by Bryce or Joe.

Other than that he is dying to be in show biz what is there is know about this guy who is claiming to be the man friend of Joe? Well he was born on November 11, which means he will turn 22 in just a couple of weeks. The blonde surfer looking dude currently resides in North Hollywood and he has that totally California look about him. He went to Stockdale High, which is located in Bakersfield, California. He doesn’t appear to have a whole lot of credits to his modeling/acting/show biz dream career. In fact on his Facebook page has his most current job as Director of Sales for The Sage Lifestyle which is a jewelry store, according to the website it is thee designer jewelry store in La La Land.

Bryce is clearly in the know with the social media world because he also likes to Tweet. In fact it is via Twitter that he is now claiming that the RadarOnline story is not true. He sent out this Tweet just moments ago.

“Yes, I’ve read the story….it’s simply NOT TRUE.”

Well there you have it straight from the horses mouth, so to speak but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is speaking the truth. All I am saying is that the Joe Simpson gay allegations have been spreading like wildfire these days and now with the news that Bryce Chandler Hill could possibly be his lover, I don’t know what the heck to believe. I am now following Hill on Twitter and I have a feeling that if there is any dirt to find it will be discovered via Twitter, love social media.

If you have any additional information on Hill please feel free to share.