Mena Survari’s boyfriend is none other than Salvador Sanchez! The actress and the tattoo artist have been spotted getting cozy all over New York City as well as Los Angeles and she looks pretty darn happy with him.

The Twitter happy couple have been expressing their love for each other all over the social media site. I follow her and I have to say I had to finally start following him just to see if his Tweets were a lovey dovey as hers were, they are. Oh yes there is no denying that Mena and Salvador are an item. They have even been photograhped together recently but even before the paparazzi got their shots the new couple was sharing photos of themselves via Twitter. Like I said they are very mushy together. One other thing you will notice from the pics is that Salvador is actually shorter than his new gal pal, word on the street is that he is only 5’0 while she is 5’4. Hey I might even actually be taller than him, that never happens.

It has only been about a year since Suvari split from her second husband concert producer Simone Sestito, so what is it about Sanchez that makes her willing to give love a try again so soon? Well as I said above he is a tattoo artist who specializes in fine line custom and Grey tattoos. He has his own business and is based out of Los Angeles but that my friends is pretty much all there is to know about him. Clearly thee must be something special because she is smitten. Just to be clear here I am not referring to the professional boxer who shares the same moniker as Mena’s new man, nope this is an entirely different guy.

You would think that someone as Twitter happy as Sanchez would have a Facebook page as well but I couldn’t find one at all. There are a ton of Salvador Sanchez pages but not a one was of Mena Survari’s boyfriend. He doesn’t really seem like that private of guy, I mean he shares his feeling for her on Twitter so how freaking private can he be. That being said I am sure it is only a matter of time before we learn the full story on Mena’s guy. They may have been dating for a few months but they have only recently gone public so something tells me any dirt on him will be out in the open very soon. Hey he may not have any dirt he could very well be a super nice guy who is crazy about the American Reunion actress, who knows. For her sake I hope so, if you recall not long after her second marriage went kaput she said she was done with love. I am glad to see that she found someone who could change her tune about that.

If you have any more information on Mena’s man friend please feel free to share it. Otherwise enjoy the gallery of photos of this hunky little man, no that was not a dig at the fact that he is really short either.