Slain social worker Christine Stewart’s family may finally have some relief after the man who went on the run after being accused of killing her was caught.

The 47-year-old was found murdered and stuffed in a suitcase in a hotel room in California in early August. Police believed the culprit was her 28-year-old boyfriend, who apparently went on the run. He had been a wanted man for at least two months before being apprehended in Mexico this week.

The guy is no stranger to the law. He has priors in all kinds of categories, including violent crimes, assault on a police officer, and even domestic violence. Oh, and by the way, he was already on parole for attempted burglary. I’m guessing a guilty conviction in this case would violate that parole.

Now he is charged going to be charged with murder after the FBI worked with Mexican authorities to bring him in.

If he’s guilty, this guy is going to either be executed, or spend life in prison.

Did I mention he managed to stuff her into a suitcase that is only about three feet long? Sick.

The creepy part is that employees at the hotel where the body was found noticed he never checked out. They started snooping around his belongings in the room and *BAM* they discovered her body crammed into a tiny suitcase.

That had to be a very traumatizing thing to do. Sheesh.

The even nastier part about this is that police believe he killed her at their apartment, then traveled to the hotel before fleeing across the border. That means this guy could have stuffed her into the luggage at his apartment, then toted her around like a bag full of old clothes.

Now that takes a real psycho.

So check out some Christine Stewart photos below and tell me if you think he’s guilty.