Christie David photos are a hot search this week after she became the latest female teacher arrested on accusations that she had a sexual relationship with an underage student.

I’m pretty sure this is the fifth one in the last several weeks. It’s unreal. Yet another young female teacher has been stuffed and cuffed for what authorities say was an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy. Most of the time the teachers aren’t being accused of doing things with current students.

I really hope someone is studying this from a psychological standpoint because simply locking these ladies up isn’t doing the trick. It is happened too often and the patterns are all the same. At this point we should start thinking about prevention instead of simply reacting to each case.

Anyway, this time around 32-year-old Christie David was working at Walker Valley High School in Bradley County, Tennessee. Sometime last month allegations surfaced that she and a former student were bumpin’ nasties. So far, there aren’t many details available, and we don’t even know if the boy still goes to the same school.

What is clear is that he used to be a student of her’s, and that she has been suspended from the school district. It’s possible that he transferred to another school, or that he just wasn’t in her class anymore.

That’s what makes it even more gross. If he was a student of her’s last year, that would mean she had him as a freshman. It’s hard to understand why someone would throw everything away to get involved with such a young kid.

Pictures of her on Facebook make her seem normal as can be. She has a few pics up with a young girl that many people think is her daughter. There are also photos of her with a man that is said to be her husband.

How awful does that make him feel as a man that she reportedly turned to a kid for satisfaction?

Check out some Christie David photos below. Do you think she is guilty?