Sometimes we hear about a hot woman’s bikini body figuratively referred to as a lethal weapon. Melissa Haywood (photos and video below) is literally a lethal weapon herself, trained as a Corporal in the British Army. She has a hard body and a hardened disposition as a result of combat in Iraq during the height of the Iraq War.

Photo: Melissa Haywood

But those days are behind her as Melissa competed in the UK Bodybuilding Championships in 2012. Her remarkably toned body earned the judges’ attention who awarded her a highly coveted prize. She was named ‘best bikini body’ which will be no surprise to our readers as you review the photographic evidence.

Biography: Melissa Haywood is now 26 years old. She is originally from the sleepy town of Wiltshire, which is located in the province of Salisbury in southern England, southeast of London near the English Channel. But before you start polishing up your dating resume, we have to note that she is married to a fellow soldier named Kieran. You will agree that he is one lucky fighting man.

Melissa’s modeling assets are substantial. She stands a perfect 5’8″ tall and weighs 126 pounds, which includes a rack which barely fits into a size 34DD. DD in bra lingo (for our male readers) means double delicious. There. I just let you in on a little secret that you did not know before about women’s clothing. She looks terrific in green and purples thanks to her gorgeous long brown hair and big brown eyes.

The UK Bodybuilding Championships took place in October 2012. It is not her first competition, but it is surprisingly the first time she has taken home a trophy. As mentioned before the judges were wise enough to award her the “best bikini body” in the competition. It is an award that nobody would dare argue because she deserves it, and well, because Ms. Haywood knows how to handle a firearm.

You can find Melissa Haywood’s Facebook page right over here where the lucky reader is instantly greeted with a bikini photo. She is very popular with over 1,000 friends on Facebook. Likewise on Twitter where she has over 2,000 followers and growing rapidly. Her Twitter profile page which contains an extensive gallery of pics is located here.

Now back to our readers. Tell us what you think about Melissa Haywood’s bikini body after watching her workout video and blowing up the cool pics. Not bad for an Army brat, would you not agree?

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