The saying goes like father like son but in the case of the Jeremy Bieber nude photo scandal, he is Justin Bieber’s dad, it is more like son like father. Oh yes hot on the heels of the teen sensation being caught up in a naked picture scandal, now comes the reports that his dad has pics of a similar nature being shopped around.

According to RadarOnline there are naked full frontal pictures of Jeremy from back in the day being shopped around to the highest bidder. The celebrity website goes on to say that in these alleged photos the older Bieber is clearly posing with his junk out for the world to see. A “source” told the website that the shots look like they were taken for some sort of Playgirl type of magazine or something along those lines. If that isn’t bad enough it would seem that there are negotiations to have the pics published are in the works, someone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame if you ask me.

he is the father of one of the biggest pop stars on the planet but he hasn’t always gotten such a good rap as a dad. However what some might be surprised to learn is that Jeremy has always been a part of his son’s life. That comes right from the mouth of Justin’s mom who told Ellen that despite her toxic relationship with the father of her child, he was always there for their son. Bieber got a bad rap for awhile with many indicating that he came into his son’s life once he was famous but that isn’t true. He was a teen dad so there were issues between him and Pattie Mallette and he probably didn’t make the best choices but if she is clearing the air about him not being a deadbeat dad, then you got it from the horses mouth so to speak.

38-year old Jeremy is actually a little bit of a rocker himself. He actually taught Justin how to play the guitar when he was a child. The elder Bieber may be rock and roll through and through but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a family man. The born and raised Canadian is a happily married man with two young children, Jazmyn and Jaxon. He loves to Tweet and even calls himself Lord Bieber on the famous social networking site and he will often post pics of him with his children. The tattoo loving man is also an avid gym goer. he is all about the physical fitness, which you can so tell when you look at pictures of him.

There are allegedly nude photos of Jeremy Bieber out there and you just might get to see them. Not entirely sure why you would want to but apparently they could be made public very soon. It seems that Justin Biebers dad is not doing anything, yet anyway, to stop the pics from being released. I wonder not only what The Biebs has to say about this new scandal involving his father but why the heck would anyone care to see his shiz. I mean seriously he is only the father of a famous person and at that I have to say gross. That is my two cents what do you think.