Ready for a crazy one? Inga Swanson is the naked woman gunned down by off duty cops in Florida after showing up at a party in her birthday suit. The only problem? It wasn’t her birthday.

File this one in the “it only happens in Florida” category. We here in the Sunshine State are not exactly proud of the nutty people who manage to find themselves in the back of cop cars each weekend. That’s mostly because they’re not your run-of-the-mill criminals. Sure, we get our share of burglars, robbers, and rapists, but as you probably already know, we get the bizarre stories more often than any other state.

This lady Inga is definitely the most recent in a string of strange ones.

The story goes that the two off duty officers were at a party in Hernando County, which is home to a little city we call Spring Hill. It’s basically the very Northernmost stretch of what we call the Tampa Bay Area.

Anyway, this lady allegedly showed up nude at the party ranting and making absolutely no sense. She was kicked out, then disappeared, only to show back up with a gun.

Other people at the party say when she came back they were in fear of their lives.

I wonder if it was the naked, ranting, person with a gun that made them feel that way? Maybe.

So the two off duty officers apparently got to the point that they felt the need to fire on her, which left her dead.

Prior to the shooting, Inga was seen by a passerby just wandering in the woods. She apparently told him she “was a little bit confused.” He then saw her again saying something about the “antichrist.”

I guess he never felt like he should call police, and she went on her merry way. Later that night, she would wander naked for the last time.

Check out the most famous Inga Swanson photo below.