Remember how Josh Duhamel had an affair with stripper Nicole Forrester (pictures below) a mere few months after he wed Fergie? Well Nicole is back in the spotlight again, along with her scandalous encounter with the hunky actor.

Thanks to an interview that Fergie had with Oprah, Nicole and Josh’s fling is making headlines again. If you recall nine months after The Black Eyed Peas singer and the Life As We Know It star got married came the allegations that he had cheated with Forrester, a stripper from Atlanta. Although Duhamel denied having any sort of inappropriate relations with Nicole, his wife had been pretty quiet about the cheating allegations until now. On Oprah’s Next Chapter Fergie speaks out that difficult time.

Whether she wants to or not after the show airs Nicole will I am sure find herself smack dab in the middle of a media frenzy with her past mistakes being thrown in her face. Just to be clear I am not referring to the actress, you know from Guiding Light and Boss. They have the exact same name, so I don’t want there to be any confusion. The Nicole I am talking about is the woman who admitted to meeting Josh at a strip club, having sex with him and then selling her story to The National Enquirer. Like I said above he has denied it all but she has stuck to her story the past three years, she even took a polygraph test and passed it.

Other than having 15 minute of fame for hooking up with a celebrity, what else do we know about Ms. Forrester? She was born and raised in Atlanta. Her stripper name is or was “Delilah” and she has two children. Other than that there isn’t a whole heck of a lot we know about the chick who has said she had lots of sex with Duhamel. I mean we may not know much about her but we know way too much info about what went down between the two of them. She was none too shy about giving details of their hook up even calling him great in bed, TMI.

Since there are a couple of famous people name Nicole Forrester it was really kind of hard to learn more about Josh Duhamel’s stripper lady friend. You can find a Facebook pages for women of the same name but none of them are the lady we want to know more about. As you can tell from the photos she is pretty, she is no Fergie but she isn’t ugly by any means. I tried to find a Twitter account for her as well but there wasn’t one. If you know anything about her please feel free to share. If I was a cheating stripper with kids I would probably do my best to keep some of my personal info quiet then again she did sell her story to The National Enquirer so clearly privacy is not hat important to her.

Who knows what really went down between Josh and Nicole only them I suppose. That being said be sure to check out the below video as well as the photo gallery.

Update: We have added eight new photos of Nicole Forrester thanks to an inside source. She is a great girl and terrific mom of two kids who deserves to have her story told in full.