The demand for Anna Michelle Walter photos spiked this week after a former student started flapping his gums online about having a tryst with her. Sure, that’s not so hard to believe these days, but the story is a little bit different than most.

Yes, it’s 2012. That means just about anything that happens is chronicled on one of the social media services. In this case, the young man who allegedly slept with a substitute teacher while he was still a high school student has been posting all kinds of updates about his extra time with her.

The student in question recently graduated and is now an adult. The substitute teacher in question worked at the school as recently as last week!

That’s pretty intense stuff, and apparently the police are looking into how old he was when this stuff supposedly happened.

Anyway, it all broke wide open when the Tweets started flying. The guy, Justin Foster originally started out by saying he had some sort of gift for students at the school. That got his Twitter followers going. Shortly after he Tweeted that he was “hammered” and around 9PM he Tweeted a nude picture that he claims to be Walters.

From there his Twitter account went crazy, mostly with people congratulating him and giving him a slap on the back.

So far, there is no word from him about whether or not he was 18 at the time. Also, some people wonder whether the substitute would consider suing after he posted photos of her without permission.

This is different than just about any other scandal because of the social media side of it.

What could be even more damning for the former substitute is that Justin posted a bunch of text messages that they allegedly sent each other. Most of them are just teasing about hooking up, but then there is one where Walters seems to admit she is doing something wrong:

So there are a few things a play–was he under 18? Is that really her in the photos?

You be the judge: check out some Anna Michelle Walters photos below.