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There is no denying that the best thing going for the Penn State football program this year is their cheerleader squad, but now one of their numbers has taken a huge hit. Paige Raque (photos below) is the gorgeous blond cheerleader who is now fighting for her life in a hospital room after a terrible fall.

Photo: Paige Raque

She fell out of a window in her dormitory room on October 13th, a room that is located way up on the 5th floor. The details of the accident are unknown at this point although campus authorities are investigating the matter. Whether it was an accident or foul play will be known at a later date. For now, all that really matters is that Paige is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Her chances of a full recovery are unknown although the family reports she has regained some motor movement in her extremities in the last two days. You can read the latest news about her condition on the campus website here.

Biography: Paige Raque is only 19 years old with the entirety of her life in front of her. She is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, where she graduated from the Christian Academy of Louisville High School in 2011. In high school she was a track and field star, competing in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and long jump. She also played on the softball team. You can see her athletic record here.

Paige stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 126 pounds. She began attending Penn State in the fall of last year and just completed her freshman her earlier in 2012. She is on track to graduate in the spring of 2015.

You can find Paige’s Facebook page right here and instantly learn that she has a ton of friend who are all praying for her recovery this week. You can also see that she has a handsome boyfriend who dons a cowboy hat and looks very happy in her arms. There are also some awesome pics of her Penn State cheerleader buds there.

Miss Raque’s Twitter page is located here but most of the information is private so it is not that helpful to learn about her. Still there is a another cool cheerleader picture of Paige which is posted on her profile there.

We would love to hear from her family and friends so please leave any public information in the comments that can help shed some light on this beautiful young woman and her life’s journey. We all hope and pray that Paige Raque enjoys a full recovery so that she can get back on the gridiron, finish her studies and move on with her remarkable life.

Update 1: New reports tell us that Paige is responding well to some new medications that help revive brain activity. Her family is worried that she may have sustained permanent brain damage. Read the update here.

Update 2: The friends authorities say plied Paige Raque with liquor before she fell will be charged with supplying alcohol to a minor according to recent reports. Meanwhile Paige is continuing physical therapy and is now walking with out a walker or wheelchair for the first time.


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