Talia Joy Castellano (photos below) is the CoverGirl who is also struggling with cancer. Her plight has caught the hearts of people worldwide who are inspired by her ability to smile in the face of such a serious, life-threatening illness.

We’ve heard of young people battling cancer who get the A-list treatment from celebrities, or maybe donors set them up with once in a lifetime opportunities just before they pass away. Those are amazing stories of human compassion.

This story has a different feel to it. Yes, Talia is a cancer patient. Yes, the prognosis is not very good. But, no, she is not simply being treated like a princess because of her illness. She has earned the respect of millions of Youtube viewers who turn to her for make-up wisdom.

Her skills are undeniable. Talia demonstrates how to apply different types of make-up that most girls would consider to be hard or inconvenient. It’s obvious in the language she uses in the videos that she knows her stuff:

She even recently appeared on Ellen, where the host seemed to completely fall in love with her.

My favorite quote from her appearance was regarding how she keeps going with a positive attitude despite all of her challenges. She said:

“When people ask me that, what do you want me to do, be depressed? I mean a little fishy told me, ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!'”

It’s true, most of her photos and videos reflect a positive sense of hope. Sadly, Talia has also admitted that there isn’t much hope of any kind of recovery. She is facing a huge decision; either get a bone marrow transplant, or face a likelihood of only living for another four months or so. The transplant would put even more strain on her body, which has gone through so much.

Talia has now fulfilled her dream and started a fashion line. She is teaming up with set Los Angeles-based designer, Urbana Chappa.

The two met earlier this month and plan to launch their apparel brand in the coming weeks. Talia told MailOnline that she wants to ‘show young teens that they can express themselves with clothes.’

This young girl is remarkable. She has accomplished and aspired to do more than most young adults, never mind teens her age. She is someone to admire and look up to. What an amazing young woman!

Let’s keep her in our thoughts in the coming months. You can visit her Facebook fan page HERE.

Check out some recent Talia Joy Castellano photos below.