Amanda Todd’s Facebook video pleading for help turned out to be her final call before taking her own life. The Canadian teen had been cyber-bullied to the point of causing self-harm before, but things took a turn for the worse this week.

The story goes that a while back she purchased a webcam and was playing around with some friends when she decided to flash them. Somehow a still image of her flashing started circulating on the web. From there the online bullying began and she would be the center of some brutal trolling.

People said horrible things about her and she apparently took it to heart. It got even worse when she reportedly started dating a man who had already been in a relationship. The girl found Amanda, and beat her in front of a group of people. No one stepped in to help her. Instead they encouraged the girlfriend to beat her senseless.

Somewhere in between Amanda made two separate attempts on her life. Recently she made a video that was posted on her Facebook account. The video showed a somber-looking Amanda holding note cards with different parts of her story on them.

One reads: “They said I hope she sees this and kills herself.” Some of the others mention that she is on medication for depression and that she is seeing a mental health counselor.

The final card reads “I Have Nobody, I Need Someone.”

You can even see cut marks on her arm in part of the video.

It was confirmed by Vancouver authorities that her body was found Wednesday. It has not yet been confirmed that it was in fact a suicide, but there seems to indications that it was.

Teenagers are very vulnerable. In a way, social media has opened up the most insecure age group of people to ridicule and self-doubt at a time in their lives where it can hurt the most. They don’t quite understand that negative, hurtful people shouldn’t matter. It becomes an internal struggle, one that even parents and relatives can’t break through. They still crave the acceptance of peers even over that of other adults and teachers. The only hope is compassion.

Hopefully somehow this case can continue to strike up conversations about bullying in general, and especially cyber-bullying, which continues to lead to the loss of beautiful young souls.

RIP Amanda Todd (Facebook photos below). See the FB account set up for her here. Watch her video below.