Finally the identity of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend has been revealed. The mysterious woman is Cathriona White a make-up artist from Ireland, who just so happens to be about half of his age.

Photos of the brunette beauty and the actor have been circulating on the Net for weeks now leaving many wondering just who the heck Carrey’s new lady love is. Well today that question has been answered. With her killer body and beautiful face 26-year old Cathriona had many assuming she was a model but that is not the case. She actually does make-up in Hollywood. Some of her credits include the short film Firefly as well as make-up artist for The Online Games, where she has been employed since 2011.

As I said above she is a make-up artist who was born in a a very small village in Ireland in County Tipperary, the providence of Munster to be exact. After attending school in Limerick to be a beautician she headed for the United States to make name for herself as a make-up artist in Hollywood. If she is looking to make it in that industry she certainly is dating a man who can and will no doubt help her career. He gets to be seen with a young hot thing and she has the potential to have her career boosted, seems like a match made in only Hollywood if you ask me.

Other than where she is originally from and what she does for a living there is not a whole heck of a lot we know about Jim’s new chick. She doesn’t have a Twitter account, that hasn’t stopped a plethora of Tweets being sent about her since her identity was revealed though. I didn’t see a Facebook page for her either so either she isn’t into the whole social media thing or since she is now linked with a famous person she disabled them for her privacy, who knows.

There is no doubt she has sparked a media frenzy and with that comes the rumors and allegations. That is right RadarOnline allegedly has a sourced that claims that White is using Jim to help her get a leg up in the show biz industry. Not to say that she isn’t into him but that you know she is living the dream with the A-list actor right now. I don’t know if that is true or not but as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and as you can tell by photo of the two of them together they look pretty darn happy, if you haven’t seen the pics feel free check them out here.

One last little bit of information I have about Cathriona White, who is currently Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, she also acts. Back in 2010 she made her acting debut so to speak in The Online Games. Feel free to check out the below video from her acting debut as female customer #2. Who knows if this new relationship will last or not but at least now celebrity gossip junkies like myself have more information on Jim’s new woman.