Alexis Wright is accused of being a personal coach to a large number of clients…the only problem is that police say she was doing a lot more than fitness routines with them. How did she end up in jail on multiple prostitution charges when she was supposed to simply be running a Zumba dance class? Find out and see some photos of her below as well as her sexy dance video, although this is not the nude video that can be found on the internet.

We’ve all heard of the stereotypical massage parlor scandals. You pay a few extra bucks and get a lot more than a back rub. Well, in this case, police say she was running an elaborate brothel hidden underneath a real fitness business.

According to multiple reports, this gal made over $150,000 meeting with clients. The craziest part is that authorities say she video taped over 150 of the encounters–many of them without the men knowing. That’s not such a big deal until you consider that some of the men are being described as “well-known.”

For all we know they could be politicians, teachers, or even prominent business men.

Now all 150 of the men who were taped are being summoned by the courts. I have a feeling there is some real relationship wrecking going on here. Can you imagine being the wife or girlfriend of one of these guys who gets called in because they were seen on tape having sex with a prostitute? That’s goes way beyond spending a night on the couch.

Oh, and on top of Wright being busted, she is also going down with a business partner who is charged with 59 counts of promoting prostitution. Sounds like a professional pimp to me, but call it whatever you want.

Sounds like both of them could be doing some real time if they are convicted. Of course the guy’s lawyer says all he did was loan her some money on the Zumba dance studio. LOL.

Check out some photos of Alexis Wright below. Do you think she’s guilty as charged?

Update: The mega case that has rocked the community of Kennebunk, Maine, has stayed in the news the past several months. Over 60 men have been charged and already a dozen men have plead guilty to soliciting prostitutes from Alexis Wright’s dance studio, and now the story has taken a new twist. Denise Sillon from Shapleigh, Maine, is the first woman who has been charged with using the services of our Zumba instructor. In fact she should have purchased a family membership because her husband has been charged as well. More details here.

Update 2: An Alexis Wright video showing the Zumba instructor naked in her stuido was shown in court today, something that electrified the jury and gallery. The showing of the video was quite controversial as her lawyers had argued to no avail that it might prejudice the jury. The also heard a graphic phone sex tape.

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Video: Zumba dance studio