To be arrested five times takes real talent. Even some career criminals haven’t pulled off such a feat, but this gal Tammy Sytch (photos below) has somehow managed it. The list of alleged crimes is extensive, but the most impressive thing is how close together they occurred.

Let’s see if we can make a time line. All crimes are alleged until proven in court:

September 11th at 8:55PM – domestic violence against a man living in her house
September 12th at 4:49PM – disorderly conduct and strangulation against the same man / violation of restraining order
September 13th at 8:00PM – violation of restraining order again
October 8th – domestic dispute and violation of restraining order
October 9th – 3rd degree burglary and violation of restraining order

At this point, she is being held without bond, and expected to see a judge in the morning. This is ridiculous. Will she be held longer now, or is this kind of nonsense going to continue?

Needless to say she got dumped from wrestling for good. They are trying their best to distance themselves from her, but so far every headline mentions the WWE.

There is clearly an issue with her and this guy. She has violated the protective order he has against her multiple times. Those orders are pretty serious business. They clearly state the consequences on them and make it obvious that you can be locked-up for violating them. I am totally shocked that she was let go over and over again.

If gets out again, and goes after this guy the judge should be held accountable. What if she actually kills him? Maybe she needs to get some sort of mental health treatment before things get worse.

What a mess.

Go ahead and check out some of the Tammy Sytch photos I have posted below. Do you think she’ll get out again soon?

Oh, and be sure to visit her Facebook page HERE.