Afgahanistan’s first female rapper has made her debut. Soosan Firooz or Sosan Firooz, there seems to be a little bit of discrepancy in how her name is spelled exactly, has made history as a rapper in a country that doesn’t really approve of woman taking the stage.

As you can tell from the above photo Firooz is a beauty and once you take a look at the below video you will know she has a killer voice to boot. The 23-year old is telling her story via music, rap music that is and it certainly is something to listen to. Not only is she taking a stand by performing her music, because woman are so not allowed to do that in her country but rap is virtually unheard of over there. In fact the musical genre is really just now started to get a following in Afghanistan.

Her music may be new to her country but for Soosan or Sosan it is the best way for her to express herself. I have listened to her songs and all I can say is wow. Her story is amazing and yet so common among women in her county. Yet as she sings about the repression of women in Afghanistan she also sings about hope for peace in her homeland, something so many of us never have to think about.

Firooz also sings about her childhood memories of living in Iran back in the 1990’s. Those memories are far from happy childhood memories. Her family fled to Iran during the Afghan civil war and would stay there for five years being looking down upon, ridiculed and basically treated like human garbage by the Iranians. The young woman and her family also spent time in Pakistan. They returned to Afghanistan about seven years ago.

Despite what is going on in her homeland Sosan is sending a message to her fellow Afghans, stay where you are. In her song “Our Neighbors” she raps about what happens to those who leave, they get jobs as washing dishes or at a car wash. She continues on that half who leave become addicts the other half terrorists, it is pretty powerful if you ask me.

Besides having what is proving to be a burgeoning music career the brunette beauty is also an actress who has had a number of bit parts on TV soap operas. But it is her rapping that continues to gain her world wide attention. Many may not know who she is yet but they will unfortunately it may not just be for her talent. As Firooz continues to break the traditional rules for woman it will be for her courage to take a stand as well as her talent that will one day make her a household name. It is clearly a rough journey for her, in a recent interview she talks about how some of her family has shunned her for breaking out of the traditional woman role. In fact her father had to quit his job in order to accompany her to musical appearance so that she would be protected. That is some crazy shiz if you ask me but goof or her that her dad is standing by her side.

It might be a long road to stardom for Sosan Firooz or Soosan Firooz depending on how you say it but I have a feeling it will happen. This girl is making changes and it may take a while but she appears to be dedicated and oh so courageous, plus she is talented. Be sure to take a peek at the gallery of photos below and watch the video but be aware the lyrics are rapped in Dari one of two of Afganistan’s languages.