Sometimes ex-girlfriends will be in your life forever, and some will even be in the lives of your subsequent relationships whether invited or not. Lilit Avagyan (photos below) is the gorgeous woman who has two claims to fame. Firstly she is a Kim Kardashian lookalike, and secondly, she also happens (we hear) to be Reggie Bush’s girlfriend, the NFL star who once dated the celebrity debutante.

Photo: Lilit Avagyan

Turns out the Kim is none to happy with the news that Lilit Avagyan is pregnant. Sources told a celebrity gossip site recently that “Kim is very upset that there are reports out there Reggie has gotten Lilit pregnant. She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her.”

Ouch. Granted they were together for a long time, but that was ages ago. Since then Kim has gone through a whirlwind marriage to a basketball star and an explosive divorce settlement. She obviously was willing to move on but perhaps now she has seen the brown pastures turned to green again. Sometimes people just don’t know what they had until it is gone. You can can read about the sour grapes here while we turn our attention to the object of her apparent heartache.

Biography: Lilit Avagyan was born November 30th, 1987 in Armenia, so she will turn 25 years old later this year. She is a professional ballroom dancer who appeared on Dancing With The Stars in America, the popular but highly cheesy television series which showcases dancing celebrities with professional partners. More substantial, she won the U.S. national dance championship in 2008.

Lilit is also a huge smarty and world Renaissance girl. She speaks three languages fluently, including her native Armenian, Russian and English. She is also incredibly beautiful with long black hair, big brown eyes on a petite 5.6″ frame. Ms. Avagyan currently live in California, in the Los Angeles area where she is both a dance instructor and student of the arts. It also enables her to live near her boyfriend. Reggie Bush’s girlfriend seems to have it all as you can see in her substantial talent profile located here and her Linkedin profile here.

She has been dating her famous footballer off and on for over a year. Reportedly the pregnancy came as a surprise to him but we are sure that Reggie will enjoy being a father despite what we are hearing here. She is making an amazing sacrifice to put her her blossoming career on hold while the baby takes its natural course in her tummy.

Our latest baby daddy finally confirmed the news publicly on a radio show. “I have a little one on the way. We’re pretty excited. It’s an opportunity to bring in new life and raise a child.”

You can apparently find Ms. Avagyan’s Facebook page right here but her Twitter page is hard to identify in social media. Congratulations to Lilit Avagyan and her lucky bf. We hope that they can remain together and give the new baby a fabulous home.

Update: Wedding bells are in the air as Lilit Avagyan is now Reggie Bush’s fiance. The happy couple were spotted at the ESPY awards this week and Lilit was sporting a giant rock on her finger. How’s that for an award? Meanwhile, she is looking fit and trim just two months after giving birth to the couple’s first child.

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