Matthew McConaughey has revealed his new emaciated figure after losing over two stone, along with his bulging biceps and rippling six-pack as part of his role in ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’. Earlier this year, he was in top form to play the manager and part-time stripper of a male stripping troupe in ‘Magic Mike’ alongside Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer. It was a role that can’t get any further than his latest.

In ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’, McConaughey plays an electrician called Ron Woodroof who contracts HIV from drug use. Once it develops into full-blown AIDS, McConaughey’s character is instructed to “Go home and die” but refuses to accept this as his fate. Instead, he delves into underground pharmacies and drug smuggling. His actions could potentially change the future of thousands of AIDS sufferers in the USA in the 1980s, when it was still a reasonably little-known illness.

The actor is mostly known for light-weight comedy films, such as ‘Failure to Launch’ and ‘Sahara’ and is more famous for getting his top off than for his method acting. It is easy to forget that McConaughey can handle grittier roles, such as Southern lawyer Jake Tyler Brigance in 1996’s ‘A Time to Kill’.

McConaughey has accredited his dramatic weight loss to lots of running and drinking plenty of tea. He described it to Larry King as a “Spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse”. He also explained how it takes the body some time to adjust and start feeding off fat and muscle as it receives less and less energy from food.

It’s a busy year for the actor as he’s currently filming ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, also due to be released in 2013 with ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ and married his partner, Camila Alves back in June. We have no doubt that the infamous six-pack will be back in a matter of months as soon as McConaughey’s schedule allows him to do so.