The New York City school system is under fire once again for putting a female guidance counselor out of work for normal bikini modeling photos that appeared on the internet decades ago. Meet Tiffany Webb (photos below), the former bikini/swimsuit model who 20 years later is having her past catch up to her, all thanks to the good old boys in our public schools who have a double standard for gifted women who want to help our kids.

Photo: Tiffany Webb

By all accounts Ms. Webb is a terrific guidance counselor at Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan, New York. She has exemplary reviews by her supervisors and is well liked by colleagues, parents, and the city kids she helps plan careers on a daily basis.

In fact, she says that she explained her past modeling life to the school district when she was first hired. The school examined her portfolio of sexy pictures and decided appropriately that it was no big deal. Then suddenly, one week before she was to become a tenured teacher in December 2011, they decided to fire her over them. She is now suing the school for sex discrimination in a New York court and we sure hope that she wins.

Biography: Tiffany Webb is now 37 years old and has a new job across the border in New Jersey. But it was 12 year ago that her long track with the New York school system began. She was hired by the Department of Education in 1999 as a guidance counselor, a role that eventually landed her at the Murry Bergtraum school, which is a business trade school right in the heart of the city where most teachers and counselors don’t want to work. She took a difficult job and did it well according to all reports.

When she was a late teen and into her early 20s, Tiffany modeled for lingerie photos and swimsuits pics that promoted fashion lines and magazines. They have remained all these years on the internet and, she says, been photoshopped and replicated to something they were not at the time. Read more here.

You can see why she was a hot commodity in the pictures, however the photos we have seen are just normal swimsuit pics so we have to say no big deal whether photoshopped or not. She has a perfect body. There are no nude pictures of Tiffany Webb so it’s not like the school was upset over THAT.

You can see in the video below that Tiffany still does modeling photoshoots and she is quite comfortable in front of a camera. This video was posted on YouTube three years ago and when viewed, the charismatic Ms. Webb comes across as both sexy and likable. There are at least two other videos on YouTube in which she documents her pregnancy. One of them is here.

We like her. You like her. Tiffany Webb should be proud of her modeling pics and the administrators who worried about them more than teaching our kids should be reprimanded themselves. At the very least, they have cost the school gobs of money defending a lawsuit that everyone hopes she will win.

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