Is Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa a hooker commanding the high price of a celebrity prostitute? So alleges a gossip website so we’ll review their evidence and present our own opinion about the matter. First let’s listen to the story alleged by one of their readers which they decided to print for all the world to read.

The site printed an email from an apparently sex-addicted reader who frequents the website which we are told is a members club for clients to solicit the most gorgeous models in the world who are willing to sell their womanly services for a price. The reader says that he paid $10,000 to join the club so it is a place where dollars flow freely. A visit there presents visitors with a simple login screen without any way to test drive their services or learn more about the site. Therefore we cannot further the story by linking to it but readers know the URL now and can assess the riddle for themselves.

The email that started the scandal: “I was watching Bravo the other night and noticed a certain hooker I use to [have sex with] through Stacey. I paid 10k to join this big boys club and have been thoroughly satisfied. Joanna was worth every penny. Yes, she is a HOOKER and the Real Housewives of Miami should have done a better background check.”

Read more on The Dirty website about their blockbuster allegations here although the site has been down presumably from heavy traffic. Their article includes personal information about the actress including two of her telephone numbers to book her services. The number listed as her home phone number has already been disconnected. (Yes, we tried)

We’ve reprinted the modeling profile page on the hookup site. It lists her measurements as 34C-23-34, with green eyes and blonde hair, certainly a superficial match for the Real Housewives of Miami star. Her height is listed as 5’7″ tall weighing in at 125 pounds. More interesting are the provocative photos that show Joanna in various stages of undress.

When confronted with the allegations, the actress appeared to deny the charge in a statement to her Twitter account relayed by the New York Daily News in an article you can read here. She supposedly told her many fans (250,000 followers!) that she is “obviously distressed by these unfounded accusations. I’m in the process of deciding my next steps. I’ll [get] back to you as soon as I can.”

The only problem is that we visited her Twitter account which you can find here and can find no such tweet. So it has either been deleted, misplaced, or the reporting on the story is wrong. And that may not be all to this story that is wrong.

In today’s internet age anyone with an email account and an axe to grind can start a vicious rumor. Whether or not Joanna Krupa is a hooker we cannot say, but we can say that there is not enough evidence to substantiate the allegation. Apparently there is a webpage on the site in which a model named “Joanna” advertises a “public date” for $50,000. On it is a picture of an nearly nude Joanna Krupa teasing readers.

Whether or not the model is Joanna cannot be said with certainty, but what we can say is that a “public date” does not equal prostitution! Plenty of women supplement their incomes by offering escort services which often means no more than showing up at public events as either the date of a man or to promote a corporate event.

So given the body of evidence which is meager we feel confident putting an end to the rumor. Joanna Krupa a prostitute? Nah. Probably no, at least there is no good evidence that anyone should believe. We doubt the scumbag who claimed to sleep with her ever did really. Guys who get world-class noogie never tell.

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